Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Speed Your Smart Application to be always safe while driving and to monitor your driving and speed according to traffic safety factors. Your use is subject to the following terms and conditions:


The Speed application helps you drive your vehicle at the right speed within a legal scope, gives you reports and indicators about this, and prohibits its use by dependency for someone who is not qualified to drive for any reason.

Collection of information

Optimizing the application of Speed requires registration of your data correctly, and we will process this data and ensure that the data you entered is correct.

Property rights

Any Content within the Speed Application, whether readable or visual, is considered to be an inherent right and intellectual property that is prohibited from being dealt with commercially without the written consent of the Application Manager


Speed's application disclaims any liability for any violation or illegal use of it, including the speed limits and mobile usage while driving.


The Speed application provides full credibility in the assessments it provides to users and the identity of the residents can never be detected. The user has no rights to apply for recognition of the person who has evaluated him at all.

Your guarantees

Provide accurate information when registering for the first time or when updating data.
Impersonation or other person's data other than you directly expose you to legal liability and account prohibition.
The app does not incite hatred, disrespect, bullying, and any content or messages that include such acts will result in your account being immediately banned.
Conducting the vote and the objective evaluation of who in the circle of follow-ups through the application with credibility and without hidden purposes.
We guarantee that you will never be identified when you give your opinion on any rating or vote.